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Robert Hendry
Robert HendryEducator and Photographer


Photography gives me great pleasure, I enjoy the process of thinking, composing and taking the shots, as well as spending hours in Lightroom and Photoshop poring over my efforts. Perhaps my wide range of photography genres reflects my perspective – I don’t  like to be pigeonholed or limited by the images I take.
From my recent photographs you will see that wildlife and sport are a particular passion – the challenge: to research and identify ways to create and capture engaging photographs. Much can be learned by studying the work and philosophy of other photographers; Bruce Percy and especially David DuChemin were great influences in adopting a more vision driven approach to storytelling and I now look to tell more of a reflective story in my photographs, which in my view is key to better expression. As with any task, the harder you try the more rewarding results can be.

No amount of inspirational quotes will make you a better photographer
only YOU …
can make yourself a better photographer


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