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Many of the images you will see on this website are taken in Scotland with some travel photography taken further afield.

Being a photographer in Scotland is not easy – persistent rain, freezing temperatures, or clouds of annoying biting midges are all part of the challenge (especially when camping) therefore you need to make an effort to reach those remote locations where the scenery is best! 

With my camera in hand, I like to get out, whether it be a game of rugby, or enjoying the natural beauty of the world we live in. Specialising in a particular genre may mean that you get better images in time, but for me the kick I get out of photography is producing diverse types of images that can be appreciated by the viewer. 

Photographers are in part artists that ‘create’ an image. For example, strong images should tell a story or evoke an emotional response. They should capture a ‘moment’ where composition and timing play key factors. Programs like Lightroom and Photoshop therefore are simply a means of achieving final artistic perfection of your creation which allow the viewer to ‘see’ image the way you want. Hopefully, you will enjoy browsing the images on this website and find inspiration. 

This site content features a folio and blog – all  photographs on this website are copyright, however if you wish to use any images please use my contact form and I will be happy to help.

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Here is a selection of photographs with some background information

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