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Dereliction image of Lewis croft

This croft on the Isle of Lewis was an Aladdin’s cave for dereliction photographers – almost as if the occupants had just walked out and left everything. It was a challenge to photograph due to the internal state of decay.

Dereliction Scalpay abandoned croft

Tucked into the hillside one could easily miss this little gem. It has been empty for a long time with over a foot (30cm) of animal droppings in some of the rooms. You would imagine the smell would be pungent but the ventilation has seen off most of the odours.

Old armchair in abandoned croft

This old armchair is like a ship sinking through the floor in a ‘sea’ of debris. It is surrounded by wallpaper and polystyrene ceiling tiles which have long since given up their grip and are now sinking along with the armchair.

Old bible on window ledge, decay

Two old bibles lie on the window ledge. One left open as if left at a particular passage. The pages damp and stained by algae over time are still visible in the Gaelic language. The cover stretches across as if to join them in some way. Is there some sort of message here?

Dereliction photograph of old coat,decay

If you look at the image carefully you will see a pattern on the door where the coat has been swinging across with the wind. An old vase of plastic flowers has fallen on the table.

Dereliction flaking fireplace, decay

This old fireplace painted in turquoise and gold colours is now almost devoid of the peeling paint and is complimented by the amazing curls of peeling wallpaper. The hearth in rich copper tones has two figures standing to attention.

Dereliction fireplace vaccum cleaner decay

This quirky shot has an electric fire on the coal hearth along with the redundant fireside tool rack. Some of the tiles have fallen from the fireplace and the carpet has disappeared into a void. Almost ridiculously the vacuum cleaner stands to attention as if ready to clean up the mess.

Dereliction bed and board, decay

The bed frame and fireplace are all that remain in this room. Typical of many of the derelict crofts in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland is the carpet of animal droppings several inches thick .

Derelict croft Harris, decay, house

Sitting on a hill, this croft has been ravaged by the strong winds ripping of the protective corrugated iron panels.

Derelict ruined croft Harris

Although well-secured it was possible to get shots inside the croft through the broken panes of glass of the windows.

Dereliction old clock, decay

Time and decay – this old clock lies shrouded in peeling wallpaper and fallen curtains. You can tell the clock has been sitting for a while by the rusty clock hands and woodworm-ridden cabinet.

Dereliction kitchen cupboard contents

Almost complete. This kitchen cabinet is an amazing sight. There is so much to look at that the eye cannot rest in a particular part – from the rusty toast rack to the neatly stacked pieces of broken cup on the saucer.

Dereliction image of abandoned croft attic

This shot was taken by balancing on the bannister at the top of the stairs and using the camera’s screen to get a shot round a corner. The floor was unsafe. Almost by chance it has captured the ethereal light revealing an old film projector, picture frame and drawer contents.

Dereliction bathroom cabinet, decay

This bathroom cabinet has the absolute basics and is an indicator of needs in bygone days.

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