Dereliction – scenes from the past

An old byre/milking house provided the scene for these dereliction shots. Inside the building – almost devoid of content, was a small armchair and fireplace.

“The beauty is in the detail … ” Robert Hendry

The background for this minimalist image was a once whitewashed rough sandstone wall; now algae-laden with damp; the floor of tightly-laid, glazed brick with a central channel and covered in detritus of time passed. The detail tells a story… the chair, now a crippled wreck with leg missing and innards bare is a mere representation of it’s former self.

The next shot of the larger scene is somewhat strange. Why would a fireplace be in a byre/milking house along with an armchair? The photographic story can be difficult to represent.

“The beauty is in the detail … but the detail must not be a distraction” Robert Hendry

Less is often best and a minimalist approach allows the eye to ‘rest’ or focus on one part of a photograph. If you want to tell a story, multiple elements in the scene allow the eye to wander, but there comes a point when too much detail then becomes a distraction and the impact is lost. The image here represents the interplay between the fireplace and armchair in the room. How does the angle and position of the chair affect the scene? Does the eye get distracted by the detail on the floor?




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