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A scene from the past tells a story. I like the range of railway tools neatly arranged side by side all different with a purpose, the rotting sleeper starting to crumble with cracks following the grain of the wood, all the tools now redundant and covered in a fine layer of dust probably never to be used again.

Dereliction image of worn steps

This old set of steps first drew my eye with the wonderful range of colours leaching out of the old stonework, with oranges, whites and reds. These colours contrasted with the vibrant greens of moss on the steps and paving. When I took the photograph I tried to lead the eye from the right using the small brick wall into and up the worn steps.

Dereliction image of three windows

This scene was almost symmetrical apart from the dark rust streaks trailing down the wall and downpipes. The wall had a real weathered look of ageing and decay.

Dereliction image of old byre

In this scene I liked the balance of the decaying old railway truck on the left with the fresh, green, grass and the group of trees on the right. The grey cloud filled the sky nicely and the moon in the picture was a bonus.

Dereliction image of flaking paint on ceiling

The giant flakes of paint hanging off this ceiling are almost unrecognisable were it not for the light pendant hanging down. It is the light pendant that gives the image meaning and scale.

Dereliction image of flaking stairway

Abandoned houses like this can have interesting colour schemes which can form part of the feature of the photograph. I managed to get a loan of an extreme wide angle lens and this allowed me to use the peeling wall as a lead-in and get a greater angle to emphasise the peeling paint.

Dereliction image of old wash room

This minimalistic scene drew my eye with the large expanse of bare yellow walls contrasting with red chair and clinical white wash-hand basin.

Dereliction image of old rusty barrow

This was an old warehouse with a leaky roof which caused flooding on the floor, producing lovely reflections when looking towards the light of the window. I especially like the fact the colours in the foreground barrow mirror the colours in the background walls, whilst the green foreground contrasts with blue bench and door.

Dereliction photograph Unopened

The rusting on the door handle has created a lovely glow complimented by the textures and colours of the flaking paint. The ancient spider web over the door lock implies the door has not been locked for a very long time. Even the slightly sagging handle adds to tired look.

Dereliction photograph 'new growth'

Whilst shooting the lovely 3-dimensional textures of the flaking paint on this wall, I noticed the sprawling fresh new green growth of a plant which contrasted the old decaying paint surface.

Dereliction image 'narrow passage'

Convergence is a tool used by the photographer to draw the eye and I particularly liked this scene because of the light/dark contrast on the right hand wall. The roof had caved in half way down the scene producing a light hotspot on both sides of the wall drawing the eye to the convergence point.

Dereliction image beyond the door

The only light was from a hole in the ceiling and shuttered window. The light mostly fell on the door which was central in the narrow out-house. The main focus had to be the door which had a partial shadow round it’s frame. I felt the scene was quite strange and I couldn’t  help thinking, what was beyond the door?

Dereliction image green room

In this image I wanted to capture the decay on the wall above the fireplace as well as the changing textures on the walls and floors. I also liked the way the orange surround draws your eye to the fireplace.

Dereliction image 'light at the end of the corridor'

This old abandoned building has a long corridor which is brightly lit at it’s end. Notice the changing geometry of the corridor.

Dereliction image beyond repair

The decay on the walls, door and the holes in floor and ceiling almost mirror each other. With the door wide open, the eye is drawn into the hall and up the stairs.

Dereliction image broken fireplace

What mades this scene interesting is the tiled fireplace emerging from the outer broken one. The decay on the wall above has great texture with spots of ochre.

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