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Discussion and opinion on all things related to photography

It is often said that India is a country of colour and contrasts between the old and the new. As a developing country India is undergoing change in terms of technology, building and new found wealth. These factors can have a massive affect on [...]

I was privileged to visit the Isle of May off the east coast of Scotland for a three day photographic study during the breeding season. It was not my first time as I had travelled to the island for a short [...]

An old byre/milking house provided the scene for these dereliction shots. Inside the building - almost devoid of content, was a small armchair and fireplace. "The beauty is in the detail ... " Robert Hendry The background for this minimalist [...]

Imagine a scene depicting an old run-down cottage in a tranquil meadow or an old decayed fishing boat on a beach stretching into the distance – it does not really matter if the image is attractive or not, the point [...]

Some people may question the purpose of dereliction photography. Unlike landscape photography most of the images are not ‘beautiful’ or ‘pleasing’, so why waste time taking these images at all? In the past, famous war photojournalists have produced iconic images [...]

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